Wisconsin Lawmaker Trying to Get Rid of "Tampon Tax"

Concerns over the pricing difference between products meant for men and for women in the state of Wisconsin.

Some have taken to calling it a "tampon tax."

The issue is tampons and other feminine hygiene products are not exempt from a state sale tax.

"Basic necessities like food, medical supplies and prescription drugs happen to be exempt from sales tax," Representative Sargent explained. "But in Wisconsin,  tampons and feminine hygiene products are actually taxed as a luxury item. And I certainly know my period is not a luxury."

The tax rate is 5% and some estimates put that at about 35 cents per box.

Wisconsin State Representative Melissa Sargent argues that if products such as Viagra are exempt, then tampons also need to be exempt.

Her bill would dot that but time is running out on the legislative session.

She doesn't think there's enough time to get the bill passed.

So now she's working to build up more support and wants to get the conversation going with people all over the state.

"No woman should have to compromise her dignity because she menstruates," Sargent told CBS 58;s David Ade. "It's an undeniable and unavoidable fact for women in our country. And we need to realize we are at a turning point in this conversation and Wisconsin can be a leader."

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