Wisconsin high schoolers launch national gun control campaign

NOW: Wisconsin high schoolers launch national gun control campaign

Hundreds greeted the dozens of Wisconsin students Tuesday who used their spring break to march the 50 miles from Madison to House Speaker Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville.

They ended the march with a rally.

 “It was certainly tiring," Shorewood High student and march organizer Katie Eder said. "My knees are incredibly sore, but it was certainly empowering.”

As they marched from city to city, stopping every mile to honor a victim of gun violence, they gained interest from all over the country.

“The amount of people that came out to us, and gave us water

Hundreds came out to support them locally.

“I’ve been inspired by the youth," said Bob Peterson, who drove from Milwaukee to watch the rally." They are taking a message to the public that it seems a lot of progressive people haven’t been successful to take to the public.”

Students called on Congress to ban on bump stocks and assault rifles and add a four day waiting period to buy a gun.

They also called on voters to take that message to the polls and announced a campaign to hold similar marches in all 50 states.

“I believe in it," Eder said. "I believed in this from the beginning, and I believe in this extension as well.”

Students say going back to high school should be interesting.

“I’m hoping it’s very exciting, and everyone hears what has happened, and we get to share our Spring break story,” marcher Lauren Davis said.

The 50 miles more organizers hope to have the other 49 state marches done by the November election 

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