Wisconsin Elections Commission: Most common mistakes people make on absentee ballots

NOW: Wisconsin Elections Commission: Most common mistakes people make on absentee ballots

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) — Many people across Wisconsin may choose to vote absentee in the Presidential Election.

To make sure your vote is counted, it is important to fill out the ballot correctly.

CBS 58 spoke with the Wisconsin Elections Commission about the most common mistakes voters make.

1. Missing voter signature and/or missing witness signature and address

"On the back side of that envelope there’s a certificate and you have to sign your name there," Wisconsin Elections Commission Public Information Officer Reid Magney said. "Then the person who is your witness also has to sign their name and provide their address."

If you forget to do it, Magney said your vote won’t necessarily be discounted.

"The clerk may have to contact you and ask you to resubmit it, come in and sign it, they may send it back to you to get that information," he said. "Those [envelope mistakes] are the three biggest problems."

Some states will verify your signature, but Wisconsin doesn’t.

"You don’t need to worry about if your signature is going to match and making your signature perfect," Magney explained "That’s not what we do in Wisconsin, when you request an absentee ballot, you provide a copy of your photo ID and that’s our security involved in it."

2. Marking choices incorrectly on ballot

When it comes to filling out the ballot, the Elections Commission says to make your choices clear by filling in the bubble next to your choice. They recommend using a ballpoint blue or black pen and urge against using markers or highlighters.

"If you color outside the lines a little bit, that isn’t a problem," Magney said. "Just as long as you aren’t coloring into the next bubble too."

3. Sending back damaged ballot

If something happens to your ballot, like a coffee spill or rip, you can get it replaced.

"Call your clerk’s office and ask them what they think specifically because every case is going to be a little bit different," Magney said.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission says every ballot has instructions and urges voters to follow them.

Additionally, Magney it is important to make a voting plan and if you are going to vote absentee, register and request your ballot now. Ballots must also be turned in on time.

More information can be found on the MyVote Wisconsin website and the Elections Commission website.

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