Wisconsin early voting begins Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --  After watching long lines during early voting in other states, Milwaukee Election Commission director Claire Woodall-Vogg decided to open up a second floor of Milwaukee’s Zeidler building, one of 14 early voting locations in the city.

“Our biggest concern is with COVID-19 right now, making sure we limit as much congestion at polling places as possible,” Woodall-Vogg said.

Milwaukee residents will be allowed to early vote at any of the locations in the city, regardless of address. Voting at the Zeidler building will begin at 8 a.m., but not all locations have the same hours.

Things will be a little different in Milwaukee’s suburbs. Oak Creek voters will all need to vote early at City Hall. Hours run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We are setting up all of our sanitation and spacing, and all of our supplies for early voting," Oak Creek City Clerk Catherine Roeske said. "We anticipate being very busy tomorrow.”

You will need a photo ID and a mask to vote in person, and if you have not yet registered, you will need proof of address like a utility bill.

If you want to vote by mail, you still have time.

 “It’s not too late to request an absentee ballot," Woodall-Vogg said. "With a little over two weeks to go, there is still time to request an absentee ballot, and for the voter to mail it back to us.”

About half of Milwaukee’s absentee ballots have already been turned in. More than two thirds of Oak Creek’s have been returned.

Election officials hope with record absentee voting, crowds will be manageable.

“I don’t anticipate very long lines," Roeske said. "I would say that on Election Day, if you have not registered, those are the lines that seem to get long.”

If you have requested an absentee ballot but changed your mind, you are still eligible to vote in person, provided you have not turned it in.

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