Wisconsin DNR condensing hunting information pamphlets for 2020

NOW: Wisconsin DNR condensing hunting information pamphlets for 2020

(CBS 58) – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is condensing its hunting information pamphlets for 2020.

According to agency leaders, it is a project that has been in the works for two and a half years.

In the past, the DNR has printed several different pamphlets for each hunting season. Now, deer, duck, elk, turkey and bear hunting will all be in one.

The move is partially because more people are accessing the information online and the agency doesn’t want to deter new hunters by providing extra paperwork. Overall, the new material will have the latest information for those interested in taking part.

"The language has barely been consistent for 20 years," DNR Wildlife Policy Specialist Scott Karel said during a virtual DNR board meeting on Wednesday, August 12. "Myself and a few others saw this as our one opportunity to go over every single word that we put in there and really try to make it more succinct."

More information on the hunting seasons can be found on the DNR’s website.

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