Winds of Change Blowing in Arctic Air!

Do you know where you winter coat is? Better start looking for it.  The coldest of the air is coming our way, starting tonight.  In fact, there will be a reinforcing shot of it by the middle of next week.  We're talking about highs only in the 20s and wind chill readings (temperature & wind combined) in the single digits and teens.  For the most part, we're keeping it dry until the second part of the weekend.  

By the time we get to Thursday morning, some of the wind chill readings will be subzero, especially in the western part of the viewing area.  This is the time you might want to consider keeping kids in the car at the bus stop until the actual bus pulls up to the location.  Or perhaps, just drop your students off at school.  

Hopefully your furnace is in working order these days as we enter the second part of December.  Meantime, we're still updating the weekend forecast.  It looks snowy Saturday night into much of Sunday.  Stay tuned to CBS58 and  We'll get you ready for what's coming.  Meantime, download the free CBS58 Ready Weather app to stay on top of what's ahead.  You can also qualify to win a free AcuRite weather station just by sending photos to us via the app.  We still have four of them to give away for the rest of the month.

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