Window Select customers still working to get refunds

NOW: Window Select customers still working to get refunds

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. -- It's been more than a month since Window Select was served eviction papers for failure to pay the lease at its warehouse. This comes as the customer complaints continue to roll in.

There is now a sign reading "available for lease" out of Window Select's warehouse on Garwin Mace Drive in Menomonee Falls.

This comes amid an ongoing eviction case where the company and its owner, Justin Kiswardy, are being sued for back rent and fees totaling more than $20,000.

Meanwhile, many unhappy customers are still trying to get their money back.

Nicole Luterbach and her husband Brandon are among that list. The Luterbachs paid Window Select $20,000 for new windows but never received them.

"It was to the point where you'd call Window Select and it would go straight to voicemail," said Luterbach.

The couple recently requested a full refund after Window Select was unable to provide proof that the Luterbachs' money was used to purchase their materials. They did this through the request of a lien waiver which Window Select was unable to provide them.

"The company ultimately failed to provide us with any lien waivers proving that our materials had been ordered, even though they stated multiple times that they had been," said Nicole.

The couple was told they would receive a refund check within 14 days but it never came.

Soon after, Window Select sent out an email to customers saying a third-party company called Cogent Analytics would be taking over operations and management duties.

Nicole says Cogent Analytics has been helpful so far. "They are still looking into what exactly happened with our money and our paperwork. I did have to provide them with copies of our paperwork because they weren't able to find anything," she said.

Despite what Window Select told customers, a representative with Cogent Analytic told CBS 58 that Window Select still has complete operational and management control and that they are simply advising the company as a consultant as the company works through financial issues.

Cogent says they are still receiving calls from customers and are keeping a log of everyone who calls, but can't give any timeline on resolutions.

"This process has just been beyond a nightmare for us. It has taken up so much of my time. We just want our money back and we want to move on. We will not be able to get windows until we have our money back," said Nicole Luterbach.

The eviction case will resume on June 20. There are also several other pending lawsuits against Window Select and an ongoing criminal investigation.

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