Who will replace Ed Flynn as Milwaukee Police Chief?

NOW: Who will replace Ed Flynn as Milwaukee Police Chief?

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The process to hire Milwaukee's next police chief begins Thursday night.

Some Milwaukee leaders say Chief Ed Flynn's replacement needs to be a drastic improvement.

"I think I'm being fair when I say the last couple years have been pathetic when it comes to safety in Milwaukee," Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said.

Others say the new chief needs to build off what Flynn accomplished.

"I think we have made incredible progress over 10 years, but I am nowhere near satisfied," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said. We need to do better we can do better, and we will do better."

The Fire and Police Commission Board will begin the process of filling that position temporarily on Thursday night. Mayor Barrett says it's a near certainty the interim chief will be an internal hire.

"We want to make sure that we've got someone who knows the territory, and we feel very confident that within the police department, there are numerous individuals who can step into that role."

It will ultimately be up to the seven fire and police commission board members to choose the interim, and eventual permanent replacement.
Barrett says he will also have a seat at the table.

"I'm sure I will have conversations with the leadership and individual members as to how I feel about certain people," Barrett said. "That's how it happened when we chose Chief Flynn as well."

The commission says the goal is to have the acting chief in place by February 17th. They say they want to determine Thursday night if the new chief will fill out the remaining time in Flynn's term, or begin a new four-year term.

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