Whitefish Bay police looking for two men posing as utility workers

NOW: Whitefish Bay police looking for two men posing as utility workers

WHITEFISH BAY, WI (CBS 58) – Police in the Village of Whitefish Bay are looking for two men accused of posing as power company employees.

Utility officials tell CBS 58 they’ve received reports of this scam in neighboring areas as well.

On Monday, February 18th, police say two men, posing as utility workers, were allowed into a home. The men distracted the homeowner and stole some jewelry.

“We’ve been receiving a few reports within the last couple of days, not only in Whitefish Bay but in some other communities in our area,” says Alison Trouy, WE Energies spokesperson. “It’s hard to know when scammers are going to pick up activity. We always encourage our customers to be vigilant.”

We Energies says customers will usually receive a phone call ahead of time, but an emergency situation may be the exception.

“In some situations we may have to go door-to-door, and in that case we’ll always be able to provide identification and prove we’re actually with We Energies,” says Trouy. “Employees will always be happy to show you their name, their picture, and usually a company logo. When in doubt, if they don’t want to show you their ID, their might be something wrong.”

If you’re suspicious, We Energies says to give them a call. They’ll be happy to confirm their employees are working in the neighborhood.

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