What's the next step after marijuana advisory referendum passes in Wisconsin?

NOW: What’s the next step after marijuana advisory referendum passes in Wisconsin?

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- People in southeast Wisconsin voiced their support on legalizing marijuana in some form.

Voters in Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties as well as the cities of Racine and Waukesha, saw questions about marijuana on their ballots.

Officials in Milwaukee and Racine County say the advisory referendums were the first step and now there's much more work to do.

In Milwaukee County, voters were asked if they'd like to see marijuana legalized. 70% said yes.

Milwaukee County Supervisor for the 16th District John Weishan sponsored the referendum.

"It's very clear now that almost 3/4 of the people want to see some type of legalization of marijuana in the state of Wisconsin," said Weishan.

An overwhelming majority of voters in Racine County and the City of Racine also voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. 

"This is one of the first steps in communicating with the state in this kind of way about this issue," said Nick Demske, Racine County Supervisor for the 1st District. 

So what's the next step? Demske says talking with elected officials in Madison and making it part of the legislative agenda.

"So now the question is, are our representatives in Madison going to be responsible to that political will that we the people have clearly articulated," said Demske.

"A lot of times we have the conversation about legalization but what gets lost in the conversation is decriminalization," said Supreme Moore Omokunde, Milwaukee County Supervisor for the 10th District.

Moore Omokunde would like to see legislators look at both decriminalization and legalization. 

"If we're going to allow people to make millions of dollars or if we're gonna allow drug companies than we have to make sure we are investing in our human capital as well and don't let people languish in our jails."

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