'What is a trial without witnesses?': Area residents react to Senate impeachment decision

NOW: ’What is a trial without witnesses?’: Area residents react to Senate impeachment decision

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "What is a trial without witnesses?" asked voter Trisha Vandre.

Some in Milwaukee expressed confusion and anger Friday after Senate Republicans voted not to allow witnesses in President Trump's impeachment trial.

"I think it's an obvious and blatant attempt to do anything they can to throw this trial off course," Colton Schroetter said.

The Senate's 51-49 vote sets the stage for the president's acquittal on House charges.

"A lot of people are now getting like me, being disgruntled, where no matter what your voice is it's never going to be heard," Vandre added.

UWM political professor Mordecai Lee said Republicans wanted to vote before the president's State of the Union address on Tuesday.

"Democrats want one thing, they're trying to harm the president, republicans want another, they want to protect the president."

The Senate's decision takes pressure off the president, but makes some in Milwaukee worried about the country's future.

"I want justice to prevail regardless of what party someone might be, and I'm not sure that that's happening here," Emily Halter said.

And as the president overcomes another crisis, Lee said the only real truth is that Americans will be split over Trump's survival.

"The only way to make your opinion count is not to talk to a pollster, it's not to talk to your friends. It's to vote. And there have been elections, in Wisconsin, that have been decided by less than one-percent of the voters."

Wisconsin's senators were split on the vote. Democrat Tammy Baldwin voted 'yes' for witnesses, and Republican Ron Johnson voted 'no'.

President Trump will deliver his final State of the Union speech before the November election.

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