West Bend Man Runs Towards Two Deputies While Trying to Avoid Police at Washington County Fair

A 20-year-old West Bend man ran into two deputies while trying to run away from a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy at the Washington County Fair.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred around 11:11 pm on Thursday.

The Sheriff’s Office supervisor at the Washington County Fair was on the grounds and observed what appeared to be an underage person consuming alcohol.

When the supervisor approached the man, the man allegedly handed over a fake identification and ran away.

 “What the suspect apparently did not realize was that he was running right towards two other waiting deputies. He did not make it past them,” posted the Sheriff’s Office.

The 20-year-old City of West Bend man was arrested for underage alcohol consumption and will also likely face charges of having a false ID.

In addition to the false ID he provided the Lt, he also allegedly had another false identification card in his possession.

During his arrest, he allegedly became increasingly combative with the deputies which resulted in additional charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

He remains in custody at the Jail as a result of the criminal disorderly conduct and resisting charges.

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