West Bend Man Arrested After Posting About Not Liking Twinkies and School Shootings

A West Bend man was arrested after posting in a private Facebook group about not liking Twinkies on a thread about schools shootings, according to a post on the West Bend Police Department's Facebook Page.

On March 1 a citizen notified the West Bend Police Department that there was a Facebook posting made in a private Facebook group that was written “Don’t like twinkies … no high blood pressure…no diabetes… Towers are still down…and haven’t shot up a school … Yet …;”

The citizen took this as a threat to a school and notified the West Bend Police Department.

No specific date or school was mentioned anywhere on the Facebook post.

Investigators from the West Bend Police Department identified the author of the Facebook message and took him into custody on March 1.

The subject is a 35 year old male resident of West Bend.

He admitted to writing the statement and said it was in response to others posting about the number of school shootings in the United States.

The 35 year old male was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and a Violation of his Probation.

He is on probation for Battery.

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