West Allis plow drivers work to clear roads

NOW: West Allis plow drivers work to clear roads

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) --- In West Allis it is still snowing and the roads are slick following the region's overnight snow storm Tuesday, Jan. 26.

It has been a messy commute for drivers across Southeast Wisconsin and plows are working overtime to keep up. 

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office says they have responded to more than 20 crashes due to the snow and that number is likely to go up. They say people in three crashes were injured.

Plow companies say they will be working continuously to keep up.

"You know, just the relentless snow. We really want to make sure we can keep the properties open that need to be open," Brad Davis of Davis Seasonal Maintenance said. "We do some healthcare facilities. We do some offices and retail so we just continue to run big equipment like this and big dump trucks so we can ensure that we can keep up with the snow."

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office wants to remind everyone that if you get in a crash and your car is not moveable, you should put on your hazards and call 9-1-1. If you can move your car, you should pull over at the closest exit.

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