Wendy's employee allegedly used drive-thru customer's credit card to make fraudulent purchases.

A Wendy’s employee in Racine is accused of using a drive-thru customer’s credit card to make purchases illegally.

Michael Morgan is charged with misdemeanor theft, eight counts of misdemeanor bail jumping, three counts of fraudulent use credit card and three counts of felony personal identity theft.

According to court documents, a customer recalled she did not receive her credit card back from the cashier after her purchase when she was contacted by Discover about fraudulent purchases.

Morgan allegedly used her card twice at the Speedway in the 4600 block of Washington Avenue.

He then allegedly purchased $118.52 worth of alcohol at Ayra’s Liquor Depot with the credit card.

When he purchased the alcohol with the woman’s credit card he used his own driver’s license to scan for the purchase. 

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