"We still don't want to give up:" Family offers update after crossing guard injured in hit-and-run

NOW: “We still don’t want to give up:“ Family offers update after crossing guard injured in hit-and-run

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The crossing guard who was hit by a car on the way to his post is still alive. His family is making that clear after a mixup earlier Monday.

As Andrew Tyler lay inside Froedtert Hospital, his daughter says a grieving family member got carried away and announced that he was brain dead.

The daughter says that is not true and they are focused on finding the person who hit him and still hasn't come forward.

"We still don't want to give up and my dad wouldn't want that either," said daughter Sharon Tyler.

Sharon Tyler says her 71-year-old father Andrew who was hit walking to his crossing guard post gave her the hope she needed.

"I definitely know that he knows I am there, as of last night. He was actually holding my gaze last night, he was blinking, smiling, and squeezing my hand," Sharon said.

She says Tyler is not on life support but he did have both legs amputated at the knee. All of this after someone driving a Buick La Sabre hit him and kept driving.

"It's sad. Who are the kids going to depend on now? It's sad waking up, not seeing a normal face every day," said Naomi Wilson, a Teacher's Assistant at Kluge Elementary.

Tyler's post was right outside Kluge Elementary on 67th and Carmen, a few blocks from where he was hit.

Wilson would see him every day on her walk to work. 

"A couple of our students made him get well cards, hopefully, it will touch his heart in some kind of way," said Wilson.

But she ant others who live in the area say speeding is a problem.

"There's always speeding around here. They need to put speed bumps down so they will slow down," said resident Deshawn Eckles.

Milwaukee Police still haven't caught the person who hit Tyler and his family says what would help the most is if they would come.

If you'd like to donate to the family's GoFundMe, click here.

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