"We need to mix it up:" Packers fans react to last game of the season

NOW: “We need to mix it up:“ Packers fans react to last game of the season


Packers took on the Detroit Lions for the last game of the season. On a typical Packers Sunday football game, you'll see a lot of fans cheering the team on at local bars. 

The Neighbors Bar and Grille is a popular place to watch the game in Waukesha and is usually standing room only. But on December 31st, there weren't as many fans. 

"This is pretty much nothing compared to what we are used to. Unfortunately, with our quarterback out and certain key players out, and not being in the playoffs I think it has definitely impacted our crowd and fans in general," said Sarah San Miguel, The Neighbors Bar and Grille owner. 

As the season comes to a close, some fans hope the new year will bring some coaching changes. 

"Dom Capers, that's the change we need to make and Aaron Rodgers coming back. Hopefully those two that will make a difference," said Kirstin Sizemore. 

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