'We got into the fire service for a reason': Firefighters discuss working on Christmas Day

NOW: ’We got into the fire service for a reason’: Firefighters discuss working on Christmas Day

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI. (CBS 58) -- For first responders, Christmas can mean spending time away from family to help serve the community. 

In Mount Pleasant, there were 15 South Shore firefighters working Christmas Day. 

"It can be difficult. I’m recently married so spending time away from my wife and her family and my family it can be tough, but we got into the fire service for a reason, we’re here to help people, we came into it with the understanding that we don’t get days off, we don’t get holidays off," said firefighter Alex Szewczyk.

Their families understand that, too. 

"They're definitely old enough to appreciate the reason why firefighters go and work on holidays and why dad's not around today," said Lt. Joshua Jamison who is the father of a 10-year-old and 13-year-old. 

Family stops by the station for a visit and strangers stop by, too. 

"We don't expect it, but when someone stops by to say, 'Thank you for working today', it reminds us of why we're here," said Szewczyk. 

A Christmas Day spent away from their families made better by those they serve, and those they serve with.

"Everyone is aware of the fact that we're away from our own families but our brothers are here," said Jamison, about his fellow firefighters.

"We get to spend the time with them, too. That's special."

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