Waukesha PD wants to charge man who made false battery report

On Tuesday April 25 the Waukesha Police Department received a call from a parent telling them that their 33-year-old son was allegedly battered and robbed of money by a group of unknown people. Officers responded to the hospital to meet with the alleged victim, Robert George. 

George told officers he was "jumped" by four men in their 20s. 

Waukesha PD were very concerned by the allegations since the criminal activity George told them is extremely rare in Waukesha, especially without provocation. Officers and investigators spent a large amount of time and resources conducting canvasses in the area and interviewing potential witnesses. 

Eventually investigators were able to follow the evidence trail which disproved the theory of the criminal activity reported by George. 

Investigators confronted George with all the evidence who eventually admitted that he made the whole story up. George told police he did not want to disappoint his father since his injuries came from a bike accident while he was drunk. The police investigation also confirmed that George was a military veteran.

Police have placed an alert on the GoFundMe page and are working on freezing and/or refunding the assets George collected. Police are also advising dentists who offered services to George that this is a fraud. 

Waukesha Police are recommending criminal charges to the District Attorney’s Office. 

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