Waukesha nonprofit dental clinic offers help to victims of Waukesha parade

NOW: Waukesha nonprofit dental clinic offers help to victims of Waukesha parade


WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A nonprofit dental clinic in Waukesha is offering help to anyone who may have suffered from mouth injuries during the holiday parade attack.

Elizabeth Sheehan is the director of operations at Community Smiles Dental. She was at the parade that day and says her team immediately began looking into how they could help.

"When the parade victim names started coming out to the press we started looking them up to see if they were patients of ours, which some of them are," said Sheehan.

Patients, CEO Renee Ramirez says, may be suffering from an array of oral injuries.

"Those individuals who may have lost teeth during this tragedy -- not only are they in pain, they are going to be embarrassed of the smile. We know that patients have been impacted, I am assuming they are at home or in the hospital getting better. We want to tell those patients, to say we want to see you back here really soon, give us a call and we will get you right in the schedule," explained Ramirez.

Now, staff say they just want to remind the community that they're a ready and available resource.

"Oral needs may not have been on people's top of mind after being in an incident like this, so anyone experiencing pain in their mouth that could have been an injury from this parade should seek help," said Sheehan.

Ramirez has been a Waukesha community member for 36 years. She says she just wants to be a part of the kindness she is seeing every single day.

"It warms my heart to see so many individuals, near and far, support those who have been injured or traumatized, who were impacted of the events that Sunday afternoon," said Ramirez.

If you were a victim of the Waukesha parade and are noticing any mouth pain, Community Smiles Dental encourages you to give them a call at 262-522-7645.

You can also learn more information on their website, HERE. 

If you'd like to donate to the Waukesha Community Foundation Fund, CLICK HERE.

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