Waukesha County Courthouse expansion completed

NOW: Waukesha County Courthouse expansion completed

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A new addition for the Waukesha County Courthouse was officially celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday, Oct. 12.

The four-story secure courtroom adds 62,000-square feet to the courthouse. 

All criminal and traffic court officials will relocate to the new addition, which includes six standard courtrooms, one large capacity courtroom and one intake courtroom with an attached bond room.

Standard and large capacity courtrooms have their own victim-witness room, inmate holding cell and conference room.

"Courts exist to serve the people," said Chief Judge Jennifer Dorow. "Yet the judiciary is perhaps the least understood branch of government. Some only understand the court system through what they may see and hear about it in the news. Many people may never set foot in a courthouse, however, those who have the occasion to come to this beautiful and modern structure will be sure leave impressed."

Court officials will relocate to the new addition in phases, with full operations scheduled for early 2022.

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