Water Quality Task Force Formed

In the wake of a report this year showing tens of thousands of properties in Milwaukee have lead pipes that supply drinking water to homes there is a concerted effort to address the quality of water in Milwaukee. 

A newly-formed task force met for the first time on Friday.

This meeting was mostly informational, and the committee is chaired by  Alderman Jim Bohl.

It also includes two other council members and representatives from the Milwaukee Water Works, the Department of Public Works, the Milwaukee Health Department, and a medical professional.

There was discussion about how to perform water testing and water filtration systems for residents.

Alderman Bohl said he doesn't want to water concerns to cause fear for people living here, but he does want everyone to be informed.

In addition, the group discussed how to manage lead in water service lines and indoor plumbing.

“One of the things I think this body has to convey is an education and an accurate, proper education about what the scope of the problem is. I'm not trying to draw alarm cause we find it in food, we find it in soil, we find it in dust in our home,” said Alderman Bohl.

The committee said looking at children for lead testing is a priority and they encourage parents to do so.

This committee will meet regularly moving forward.


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