Washington Park hosts group yoga sessions as part of Men's Mental Health Month

NOW: Washington Park hosts group yoga sessions as part of Men’s Mental Health Month

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Breathe in, breathe out. People took advantage of the warm weather Thursday, heading to Washington Park to take part in group yoga sessions. 

It's all to raise awareness for Men's Mental Health Month, which officially starts Friday.

Far beyond yoga, the focus is on encouraging boys, men and their families to choose healthy lifestyles for the body and mind.

"There's a stigma that, you know, something's wrong with me and I want people to know that we need to take care of ourselves," said Shakita LaGrant-McClain, Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services. "We need to make sure that if we're stressed out, we need to make sure we're talking to our family, talking to our friends, we want people to know you're not alone."

This event is part of the Community Health & Healing Series which aims to overcome the stigma of mental health and connect people to the many county resources that exist in communities where they live. 

For more information on those resources, click here

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