Washington County Sheriff's Office investigating a string of thefts in the Richfield area

NOW: Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigating a string of thefts in the Richfield area

Someone has been breaking into cars in Washington County, clearing out neighbors of some pretty pricey possessions while they slept.

Residents say money, cell phones, and even laptops were stolen. Neighbors say they're surprised because the area is normally safe and quiet. 

The thefts happened in about five different areas - Stonegate Pass, Rosie Court, Wood Land Drive, and the Red Fox Circle areas. Investigators believe it's connected to a stolen gold minivan from Milwaukee that was seen driving around the Richfield area.

Last week, deputies say a homeowner saw two men steal her Grey Honda Accord from her garage. When they drove off, the minivan followed.

On Saturday morning, another neighbor saw a dark Sedan leaving his driveway and realized things from his car were gone. Another woman says her laptop and spare keys were taken.

"I got phone calls from people in the same area to check our cars because theirs had bene gone through. Then, we knew someone had been in the car," a neighbor said.

The Sheriff's Office says they found the gold minivan but they are still looking for the Honda Accord. It has temporary license plates. 

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