Washington County dealing with flooding from recent storms

NOW: Washington County dealing with flooding from recent storms

ALLENTON, WI (CBS 58) – Communities in Washington County are dealing with flooding in the wake of recent storms.

In Allenton, a creek overflowed its banks and flooded homes and businesses.

“It’s a lot of water,” said Ron Naab from the Allenton Fire Department.

Naab says it’s rare to have the water this high.

“I would say it probably, since 9:30 its gone up 8-9 inches,” said Naab, “We had 4 ½ inches I think overnight, so that’s a lot of water and there’s a lot of hills flowing down into the valley here.

“The water’s already up to here,” said Francis Dinger as he gave us a tour of his backyard.

Dinger’s yard is now a lake, and as the water creeps closer, his basement is starting to take on water.

“There’s nothing I can do, all I can do is hook up my two pumps I got downstairs and hope for the best,” said Dinger.

In nearby Mayville, Highway 28 is flooded, but despite closed signs, some drivers are still going through.

“I am going to try,” said one driver who was confident her Jeep would help her get through the flood water.

That’s exactly what officials tell you not to do.  Even if the water looks shallow, currents can still wash you off the road.

“Don’t drive through high water,” said Naab. “A car doesn’t weigh more than 3,000-4,000 pounds, it’ll move it.”

With more rain falling in Allenton, neighbors like Dinger are bracing for what might happen.  “A couple years ago, we actually had fish swimming around out here, but we’ll probably have them tomorrow,” he joked.

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