Warming Trend Begins

NOW: Warming Trend Begins

It's been a struggle on temperatures this month. Here's a check up on where we stand:

 But, we have had some warmer days and a few more are on the way once again.
 Today we made it back into the 30s and also above the freezing mark!
Which -as you can see from the almanac, is above the normal high of 29 for the city of Milwaukee. It was a good jump up on temps from yesterday, courtesy of a strong southwest breeze.
 And we're just getting started on this next milder trend!  High pressure will continue to dominate our weather the next two days. As the wind circulates clockwise around high pressure systems, we get a southwest breeze pumping in milder temps to the region.
 Take a look at this stretch of 40s!
 While it will still be a touch breezy for Friday, the wind slackens Saturday which makes it a great day to get outside and get some fresh air! It will be the calm before the storm so to speak. The lighter wind set up along with more moisture working in could lead to some patchy fog by late Saturday. By Sunday, we're tracking rain.
 With temperatures in the 40s over the next four days our snowpack will be vanishing. And whatever is left will likely get washed away from the rain Sunday and Monday.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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