Warmer Days Within Reach

We finally made it above freezing Tuesday afternoon in Milwaukee. It was the first time we made it to that point this month and about three weeks since we've experienced above freezing temps across the area. A touch of spring perhaps? Or have we finally turned the corner?  Signs now point to YES!

March is now the start of Meteorological Spring, and it's a huge transition month on average temperatures.  The average high and low on the first of the month in Milwaukee is 37/23°, respectively. By the month's end, those figures shoot up to 48/32°.  And even with a somewhat milder day by Friday afternoon, we'll still be a touch below normal as we rise back to around 32°. However, by the weekend we will enjoy high temperatures in the upper part of the 30s and lows in the lower 20s. That warming trend finally puts us back in the normal range of temps.  Plus, there's even milder weather on tap for next week.  Check out the latest outlooks from the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center:


In addition to a nice warm up, there's strong indications of dry and quiet weather over the next week or so:


Little to no wet weather is forecast through this outlook which runs until Friday, March 13th. And while temps continue to hold up in the 30s and 40s, the lingering snow pack will be melting away.  In fact, there's a decent chance some spots, including Milwaukee, may hit 50° on Tuesday the 10th.  The last 50° day goes all the way back to December 27th, when we hit 50° and then the next 50° day prior to that came on November 23rd.

As always, we'll be keeping a close watch on the forecast for any changes through this quiet stretch. For now, get out and enjoy it!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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