Wanted: Peanut Butter donations to help combat hunger

Hunger Task Force is kicking off the Wanted: Peanut Butter campaign with help from Walgreens and Milwaukee-area fire stations. 

Between January 26 and March 9, more than 100 local Walgreens stores are participating by serving as both purchase and drop-off points for peanut butter. Nearly 60 fire stations in Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs will host peanut butter drives and serve as drop-off sites for the public. 

For those in need, peanut butter is a perfect food. It appeals to all ages, requires little to no preparation (tastes great straight from the jar) and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Individuals, schools and businesses are encouraged to host peanut butter drives. Donations can also be made online or in person at Hunger Task Force, located at 201 S. Hawley Court.

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