Walworth County boy shot in head declared brain dead

Update: The Walworth County Medical Examiner's Office reported Thursday that the child has been declared brain dead. 

WALWORTH COUNTY-- A Walworth County boy was shot in the head in a cornfield Wednesday. 

Melissa Haney didn't expect to see so many police when she came home to her country farm house.

\"There were three helicopters, officers in the woods back there.\"

She says a call for help came after a boy was shot in the head. She says the call went to her neighbor's home where a teenage boy lives and his friend is often over.

The shooting happened outside the woods near the home. Deputies say they're now interviewing another teenager. Haney who drives the town's children to school on the bus says she doesn't know any child who would intentionally hurt another and indicated that many residents do target practice.

The child who was shot is now at Janesville Mercy Hospital. The family who owns the home where the shooting happened wouldn't comment. 


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