Walker shifts campaign strategy in response to potential "blue wave"

NOW: Walker shifts campaign strategy in response to potential “blue wave“

Gov. Scott walker says he started seeing a so called "blue wave" ever since President Donald Trump won Wisconsin, and it solidified with a special state senate election and a supreme court election that saw democrats win traditionally republican districts.

“We’ve seen this incredible intensity, largely directed at the president, but it has this trickle effect on the rest of us, that we’re going to have to be more organized than ever before," Walker said in an interview with CBS 58 news. "We’re going to have to make more personal contacts than ever before, and that takes building that organization.”

Walker has gone to double the grassroots local events than he ever has to this point in a gubernatorial campaign.

“We’re at more Lincoln days, more Reagan days. more activities out there," Walker said. "We’ve been out organizing more offices. We’ve been opening more offices. We just really have to have a stronger grassroots presence.”

Walker says he will need more independent voters than before. We asked if he’s shifting toward the center.

“Yes and no," Walker responded. "The democrats, we brought out earlier this year some of our agenda, said oh those are our issues. Health care, education. My reaction to that is that’s hogwash. When i talk to people they don’t say that’s a democrat or republican issues. They say it’s a Wisconsin issue.”

He says he doesn't think Trump voters alone will be enough for him to win re-election.

“We still need to connect to those voters and say, hey, we’re listening to you. We’re acting on your behalf. At the same time, there are independents who may or may not like the president, that we need to connect to as well.”

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