Walker Says He Will Not Consider Pardon of Avery

MADISON (Channel 3000)- Gov. Scott Walker will not consider a pardon of Steven Avery following the questions raised by the new Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer."

Thousands have signed petitions on Change.org and White House websites, asking the president or the governor to pardon Avery's murder convictions.

The calls come after the release of the 10-part documentary, which raises questions about whether police in Manitowoc County worked to frame Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Prosecutors have vehemently denied the possibility, but Avery's defense attorneys continue to say there are questions about evidence in the case.

When asked about the requests for a pardon, a Walker spokeswoman noted the events "took place before Gov. Walker took office."

"Early in his administration, Gov. Walker made the decision not to issue pardons," Press Secretary Laurel Patrick said in an email Tuesday. "Those who feel they have been wrongly convicted can seek to have their convictions overturned by a higher court."

Walker has issued no pardons since taking office in January 2011.

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