Walker releases criteria for potentially signing bills to limit Evers

NOW: Walker releases criteria for potentially signing bills to limit Evers

(CBS 58) -- Governor Scott Walker says the outrage over bills to limit the next governor is overblown.

Walker says, whether he signs them or not, governor-elect Tony Evers will have plenty of power.

"Tony Evers, come January 7th, will have some of the strongest powers of any governor in America," Walker told reporters Tuesday afternoon. "Just as I do. Just as any governor in the state of Wisconsin does."

Walker gave four criteria for what parts of the bills he will sign, starting with transparency. Walker gave the example the measure in the package that calls for a report on who the governor pardons.

"Constitutionally a governor can issue a pardon. It doesn't take away from doing that, it just says if you're going to do that, the public should be made aware of it."

Walker pointed out that he has never pardoned anyone as governor. Walker also listed creating government accountability and stability, like continuing the practice of only asking for federal money when the governor agrees with lawmakers on projects.

"Doesn't make any sense to get a waiver, and then have the legislature object to it," Walker said. "Because the federal government won't likely give you a waiver in the future if you can't get your legislature to go along with it."

Walker also says he wants measures that protect taxpayers.

Democrat strategist Joe Zepecki says it's troubling that Republicans only wanted to pass reforms once a democrat became governor.

"Governor Walker wants to go down in history as a reformer. The problem is, this isn't reform. This is sour grapes."

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