Vigil held for Dezjon Taylor, 15-year-old fatally stabbed at school

NOW: Vigil held for Dezjon Taylor, 15-year-old fatally stabbed at school

A solemn night in Kenosha as friends and family attend a vigil at Kennedy Park. They're remembering the young man who died after he was stabbed at school.

Dezjon Taylor died last week. He was just 15-years-old. His family and friends held a vigil tonight to grieve and pay tribute. They shared stories about a teen they say was like a brother to everyone around him.

"I haven't been able to look at the school or drive by the school because it hurts to know that's where my son probably took his last breath."

So people who loved Dezjon Taylor instead gathered at Kennedy Park to remember the 15-year-old who was stabbed by a former friend.

"I watched my son leave to school that morning and I thought in my heart, I hope he has a good day."

Friends released balloons - red and white, Dezjon's favorite colors. They shared stories about the guy they say was the loudest one, always cracking jokes. 

"Really really really funny," said Savannah Peach, a friend of Dezjon. 

"I love him and God's taking good care of him," said Angel Martinez.

Dezjon's mom says he never took life too seriously which is why she thinks he never mentioned that the suspect in the case, Timothy Carson, threatened him days before the deadly incident.

"I can't believe he did this. I can't believe it went that far."

Investigators say the stabbing was the result of a fight over a girl. At Friday's vigil, his mom asked people to learn from this tragedy.

"Do not go off your emotions. Take your time and think. You are not a punk if you walk away. Put your pride to the side."

Hopkins says she hopes the high school will change some policies and consider metal detectors. Meanwhile, the suspect in the case, who is charged as an adult, will be back in court May 12th. 

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