Video of UW-Milwaukee student using the 'N' word causing controversy on campus

NOW: Video of UW-Milwaukee student using the ’N’ word causing controversy on campus

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is responding to an offensive video. The video shows a student using the "N" word repeatedly. She also uses an anti-gay slur.

The video was sent to the president of the Black Student Union. Darius Hayes posted it to their Facebook page.

"it's just upsetting because as minorities on this campus, we want everyone to feel welcomed," Hayes said.

"We could barely put it into words, we're like what in the world," Tanasia Shaw said. She is the vice-president of the Black Student Union. 

"You come to school, you want to have pride about being on your campus, but something like this occurs and you see everyone's true colors," senior Cesar Morales said. 

The Black Student Union and other school organizations want administrators to take action.

"Expulsion would be ideal for us, because we want to know this is not tolerated," Shaw said. 

"We also want accountability, as well, on the university officials, too," Hayes said. 

UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone released a statement, saying:

"The comments and behaviors within the video are deeply offensive, hurtful and 100 percent contrary to our guiding values of diversity and mutual respect and safety. UW-Milwaukee vehemently condemns the use of racist and anti-gay slurs."

The university tells CBS 58 it is investigating the video.

The Black Student Union says they are trying to schedule a campus-wide discussion with the dean and chancellor sometime next week.

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