Veterinarians warn of increasing tick threat

NOW: Veterinarians warn of increasing tick threat


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Flea and tick season is starting in Wisconsin and that can create problems for pets. 

Heartworm and Lyme disease are often hard to spot at first. It can be even harder to avoid areas where ticks and fleas can spread disease. 

A local veterinarian says the threat underlines the importance of annual check-ups. 

"Often we see dogs who have been exposed and it may not be that they have disease right then, we'll do a couple of other tests to look at them, but it could be that we can talk more about flea and tick prevention for them," said Dr. Denise Follett with Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital in Menomonee Falls.

Vets recommend yearly visits. If your pet is a rescue, it may be a good idea to have multiple check-ups and heartworm tests. 

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