UWM Professor and native of Liberia talks Ebola concerns

Milwaukee - The Ebola outbreak has hit close to home for a U-W Milwaukee Professor from West Africa, but he's cautioning Americans not panic.

Dr. Aaron Buseh is from Liberia and now works in the UWM College of Nursing.

He is listed on the UWM website as an expert in local and global public health issues

He has colleagues, friends, and family still in West Africa, which is the center of what the CDC is calling "the largest Ebola epidemic in history."

Dr. Buseh said Americans need to be rational with their fears of Ebola because the United States has better ways to track the virus and significantly more resources to treat it compared with his home country.

He believes more attention in America should be going towards getting people vaccinated for the flu, something that affects thousands of people every year.

Due to the attention being paid to Ebola, Dr. Buseh said he'd like to see a more worldwide focus on the global heath care system because they have experienced outbreaks like this before with H1N1 and SARS.

He'd also like to see the stigma of Ebola patients be addressed. 

In Africa, Dr. Buseh said many children are now being orphaned because of the virus and that there is just as much confusion there with Ebola as there is in America.



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