UW Health investigating vaccine response in those with IBS

NOW: UW Health investigating vaccine response in those with IBS

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The message has been clear from the beginning: if you're able to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you should.

That is especially true for people with compromised immune systems. However, the vaccine may not offer them the same level of protection, it depends on their condition.

UW Health has been investigating the effectiveness of the vaccine in people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, better known as IBS. Patients usually have to take drugs that suppress the immune system. However, this study showed some promising results.

"Unlike other immunocompromised people, so like transplant recipients where they did similar studies, only half of their patients mounted antibodies," UW Health Gastroenterologist Dr. Freddy Caldera said. "97% of our patients did, which is similar to what they did with the general populations. 95% to 100% of people mounted an antibody response."

Dr. Caldera added that everyone is different and that it may be less effective for those with other diseases, but hopes this research helps reassure people. 

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