UW experts address COVID-19 vaccines

NOW: UW experts address COVID-19 vaccines

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With as many as three vaccines set to be released in coming weeks and months, governments around the globe are tasked with deciding how to distribute the vaccines quickly and safely. 

A panel of infectious disease and public health experts from UW-Madison took questions Tuesday night, Dec. 1, about the next steps in the process to get people vaccinated. 

One viewer wanted to know how soon life will be back to normal once the vaccinations start.

"I think if enough people get vaccinated -- I think summer will buy us some additional weather-related benefits -- and I think by -- there's enough vaccine by fall that's available for the general public and around the world, I think by next year's holidays be a little bit more normal," said Dr. Jim Conway of the UW Global Health Institute. 

All of the experts agreed that one of the biggest hurdles to overcome will be some people's reluctance to get vaccinated.

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