UPDATE: Waukesha Mother's Dying Wish is Fulfilled

A Waukesha County mother is able to fulfill her dying wish... taking her two young daughters to Disney World. Laina Jerdon was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, then was cancer free until doctors found tumors on her lungs and brain in late 2016. The community came together last month after hearing one of Laina's last wishes was to take husband Todd, and daughters Kysa and Matea to Disney. They spent a week there, and it generated a lot of memories.

"I went on a safari, and the Dumbo ride is my favorite, and I saw the monkey's," said Kysa.

The trip meant so much to the family.

"To just go and make decisions on what park and what ride you're going to next, rather than, you know, medical treatments," Laina said. "The best part of the journey is to find out how much people care, and how much they're willing to give, it's just astounding."

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