UPDATE: Officer Involved Shooting in Whitefish bay

This afternoon the blocks surrounding Kent and Henry Clay in Whitefish Bay were surrounded by crime scene tape after police confirm an incident happened. 
The Milwaukee Police Department confirms to CBS 58 News that it is investigating an officer involved shooting.
Neighbors report hearing gunfire around 5 p.m. Some put the number of shots at three. 
CBS 58's April Dvornay reports that a 39 year old man was shot by a nine year veteran of the WFB Police Department.
Authorities from multiple agencies were still on scene investigating as of 9 p.m.
Neighbors describe the man who was shot as not very social.
Rick Alford, who lives next door to the home where the police activity occurred say he's never had any problems with his neighbors.
\"Very quiet, a nice fellow, just not very social kept to himself and his young family. They had what I thought as a nice relationship. \"
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