UPDATE: Meeting to address permit discrepancy between MPD and the family of shooting victim Dontre Hamilton

On the one year anniversary of the death of  a Milwaukee man at the hands of police, family, friends and supporters reached an understanding with police to march through the city and to the place of his death.  


Just one day earlier, the family of shooting victim Dontre Hamilton revealed that it was in a permit dispute with the Milwaukee Police Department.

In an exclusive interview with CBS 58's Bill Walsh on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Dontre's brother, Nate, said the family planned to march to Red Arrow Park for a rally Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m..

\"The police department called, asked, 'Did you get a permit? Did you get a permit to march down Fond Du Lac?\" Nate Hamilton shared. \"We didn't get a permit. We've been practicing civil disobedience, minor disruption an d I believe that Dontre's blood has paid for that permit  to let us march.\" 

MPD issued the following statement when a response was requested by CBS 58 News:

\"The Milwaukee Police Department is encouraging the Hamilton family to discuss with us the activities they have planned for tomorrow so that we can facilitate the necessary permits. We remain confident - based on our previous success with ensuring safe, orderly, permitted marches - that we will be able to accomplish this by working with the family and their attorney.\"


On Thursday morning the Milwaukee Police Department issued another statement on the issue:

\"After meeting with the Hamilton family this morning there have been significant developments in planning a permitted route for this afternoon's march to Red Arrow Park. Additional information will be released early this afternoon.\"

CBS 58's Sandra Torres said the city granted a permit but the Hamilton family did not have to pay for it. They were joined by dozens who marched through downtown to Red Arrow Park where they organized a day of celebration.

There was music and a barbecue.

The Starbucks Coffee Shop from where complaint calls about Hamilton sleeping first came that tragic day, closed down for the anniversary. A note on the window said it was out of respect for the Hamilton family.

One worker who wrote an op-ed piece shortly after the shooting said she was embarrassed that co-workers were uncomfortable with Hamilton lying in the park next to an outside condiments counter they had set up.

The complete interview with Nate Hamilton can be seen here.

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