UPDATE: Family reluctantly agrees to return dog to deployed soldier

COLORADO -- A large effort to find the missing dog of Robby Gabbert, a soldier deployed in Afghanistan, was launched after the soldier's ex-girlfriend sold the dog. 

According to KOAA, Gabbert's ex-girlfriend sold his dog Baxter on Craigslist while he was in Afghanistan. Gabbert took to Craigslist to ask that the people who purchased his dog on Craigslist sell the dog back to him. Gabbert's posting led to an outpouring of support on Facebook. 

Gabbert's dog Baxter was eventually located, but the people who purchased the dog said their kids had become \"attached\" to the dog. When Gabbert contacted the family, they had been in possession of Baxter for one week. 

\"They keep saying they have children that are attached,\" says Gabbert's mother Karen Fraley. \"Well my child is attached to the dog. Just because he's older doesn't mean he's not my child.\" Gabbert had Baxter since he was a puppy.

UPDATE: The family reluctantly agreed to return Gabbert's dog.

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