UPAF sets record-setting fundraising goal for 2015

The United Performing Arts Fund will try to raise $11.86-million in 2015. Deanna Tillisch, President and CEO of UPAF, says money raised will help ensure that Southeast Wisconsin keeps its thriving arts scene. \"We are so fortunate in Milwaukee to have the depth and breadth of performing arts that we do have, at the same time we can't take it for granted,\" she said.

UPAF made the announcement Tuesday in the Marcus Center's Todd Wehr Theater in front of hundreds of supporters. Tillisch says UPAF distributes their funds to several local theaters, and also to many local dance and music groups. \"These groups every year get money from us to really ensure their sustainability-- it keeps the lights on,\" she said.

CBS 58 anchor Bill Walsh was an emcee for this event, the station is a proud sponsor of the UPAF Ride for the Arts, scheduled for May 31.

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