Unknown Packers Podcast only podcast available in American Sign Language and as audio recording

NOW: Unknown Packers Podcast only podcast available in American Sign Language and as audio recording

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Packers football, at Lambeau Field or at home, is a sensation of sights, smells, and sounds.

CBS 58’s Scott Grodsky introduces us to two Packers fans who sense the Green and Gold in a different way.

Unknown Packers Podcast from CBS 58 News on Vimeo.

With thousands of podcasts why should you listen to the Unknown Packers Podcast?

Maybe “listen” is the wrong word. The Unknown Packers Podcast is the first and only one in American Sign Language and standard audio.

“I had a few deaf friends who started asking me ‘hey we’d like to know what you guys are talking about.’ So for us it was about providing access and little did we know we actually created a niche,” says Brice Christianson.

ASL is Brice Christianson’s first language and his career. He works as an interpreter after growing up with two deaf parents. So when Brice and his best friend Jeremiah Wayman started a podcast translating it into sign language was the next step.

“I always assumed that podcasts were only for people who wanted to listen to audio recordings. Then the more you think about it you’re thinking no, maybe we can be pioneers,” Christianson said.

Brice and Jeremiah tape their audio podcasts at their sponsor’s, Black Husky Brewing, then Brice translates them the next day. He says some banter can be lost in translation but the sign language podcast has all of the same Packers information.

“I can bump into some of my deaf friends or people when I’m at work and they’ll say ‘your podcast, it’s cool because it’s not just scratching the surface.’ We’re digging deep,” Christianson said.

They tallied nearly 500 downloads for a December podcast and are about to hit their one year anniversary. They won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“To have the opportunity to talk Packers with my best friend is literally a dream come true,” Christianson told CBS 58.

The best way to download the podcast is on iTunes and the best way to follow is on Facebook.  

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