Union questioning protection for officers after spit assault

MILWAUKEE-The head of the police union is raising questions about protection for officers after a citizen walked into the District 5 station and spat in the eyes and mouth of a police officer.

President t Mike Crivello released the following statement:

\"In 2011 the Milwaukee Police Association requested review of safety

protocols relative to access to police stations... within budget

constraints enhancements were put in-place.


However, the upgrades were minimal - concern remained.

Since then there has been additional breaches while officer safety was placed in jeopardy.  


 In one incident  a crook actually jumped over the counter... this occurred at the same

location of the recent incident where an officer was spat upon.


Our officer's safety and security is at risk daily... at minimum they should

know they are secure within the station house.\"


Captain Thomas Stigler oversees District 5 near 4th and Locust.


He told CBS 58's Tiffany Tarpley that an incident like this is uncommon. That there are clear dividers in place. It's what the department calls bank level security.

\"Our thought is that if we increase the level of security any further we will lose that interaction with the public and we don't want to do that.\"



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