Suspects charged after attacking two women in a Kenosha McDonald's drive-thru

NOW: Suspects charged after attacking two women in a Kenosha McDonald’s drive-thru

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man and woman are facing several charges after police say they attacked two women in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

It appears the incident started after the victims honked at the car in front of hers.

On Monday afternoon, Kenosha Police say 18-year-old Tabitha Laracuente got out of a car in the McDonald’s drive-thru on Pershing Boulevard and approached the car behind hers after it honked at them.

According to the criminal complaint, words were exchanged with the 19-year-old driver, and Laracuente admitted to attacking the girl.

It didn’t end there however.

The passenger in that car tried to stop it. That’s when police say Laracuente turned on her while punching and biting her.

Police say around that time,  Laracuente’s friend, 18-year-old Scott Ruffolo, jumped out of the car with a stungun.

The criminal complaint states that Laracuente leaned into the open window of the car, discharging the stungun on the drivers leg.

She told police she “tazed the (blank) out of her,” while activating the tazer about nine times, each for a three or four-second burst.

Laracuente and Ruffolo then drove off. They were also accused of taking $35 from the two women.

Police say the women all knew each other.

Laracuente and Ruffolo had their initial court appearance today.

Both were given bond and ordered not to return to that McDonalds.

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