Trying The Deep Fried Old Fashioned At Summerfest

There are several new food options at Summerfest this year -- including a dessert that has had people in Milwaukee buzzing all week: The Deep Fried Old Fashioned. 

Flavored like the favorite Wisconsin cocktail, the treat will set you back $6.50 and can be found at the Trinity Three Irish Pubs stand.

"We tried to do something playful with the dish, and tried to turn it into a dessert," said Chef Ramses Alvarez, who created the item.

Alvarez says it took him almost five months to perfect the recipe.    

"It's a great feeling, definitely, to do something that represents a classic Milwaukee cocktail," Alvarez said. "Selling it at a festival - especially here at Summerfest - it can get no better than that." 

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