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Town hall split on proposal for red light traffic cameras in Milwaukee

Dozens of people gathered inside a north-side Milwaukee church Wednesday night, debating a proposed state ordinance that would lift a ban on red light traffic cameras.

State Rep. David Crowley is behind the legislation, which he believes would cut down on reckless driving in Milwaukee.

“This will allow us to use speed cameras and also red light cameras to catch those that are doing 20 over, or are running red lights,” he said.

The meeting was evenly split between those for the cameras, those against, and those who aren’t yet sure.

“Individuals are not being cited for speeding, reckless driving, whatever,” said one man. “We do need the cameras, to cite people and send a message to the community that we’re serious in slowing down traffic.”

“I think they’re trying to put a bandaid on a sore that’s much bigger than what the bandaid is,” said another.

Rep. Crowley plans on holding similar community meetings on the topic.

He’d like to have the ban lifted by 2018.

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