Toppers Pizza Holds Skin Sprints Competition

Topper's Pizza in West Allis is holding a regional qualifier for the annual "Skin Sprints" competition.

Stores throughout the region are sending teams of two to prove they're the best and fastest dough stretchers around.

The goal is to reach the Toppers annual convention in Orlando in June.

“The winner gets $4,000. Second place is  $1,500. And the winners get the 'Golden Spoodle" award. Our shrine to the fastest pizza maker in the company. Bragging rights for that year, 'ya know,” said Chris Woelfel, Topper's Pizza.

To qualify you have to be able to make six standard pizza in 2 minutes 25 seconds, but you have to go much faster to advance.

The pizza makers say while this is a competition there is a real sense of camaraderie and gives them a chance to show the public in a fun and exciting way that there is a level of skill to what they deliver every day they clock in.

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