Tips for dog owners considering day care options

NOW: Tips for dog owners considering day care options

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With many returning to the office for work or planning vacations soon, there is one more thing to worry about as a dog owner -- where to leave your pet while you're gone. The Better Business Bureau and a local dog day care shared some tips on how to find the right place for your furry friend.

For many of us, our dogs are considered like our children, so doing extensive research in order to find the right fit for you and your pet is key.

The BBB recommends going in person and talking to staff about their policies.

"I think the more you know about a company, the owners, the people that are taking care of the dogs and overall the facility, that is something that definitely is a must when looking for not only a boarding facility but a dog day care," said Maya Sojkowski, a pet parent relations manager at Dogtopia.

Finding the right place to leave your pet while on vacation can be rough, but not impossible. Asking questions while you're seeing the facility is important, like cleaning and safety procedures or if your pet has a medical emergency, how they will respond.

"Research the state's specific requirements to see if the kennel or the boarding facility dog day care that you're considering meets those requirements, including licensing," said Lisa Schiller, director of investigations and media relations from Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin.

The Better Business Bureau also recommends asking for references.

"Contact with people, ask them what their experience was when they had a dog boarded or in doggy day care at that particular facility.

Each facility operates differently. Dogtopia for example, has new dogs go through a meet and greet process.

"In order for a dog to be successful with boarding, we believe that they have to stay three days where they actually sleep over with us and that's just to be sure that they are comfortable with us as well as the facility," said Sojkowski.

They also make sure vaccinations are up to date and even have web cams for pet parents to check in on their four-legged family member.

There is always a risk leaving your dog under someone else's care, and although doing your research in choosing the right facility can help, if any issues were to happen, the Better Business Bureau recommends trying to work it out with the company directly.

"You may need to escalate to a general manager or the owner of the facility, and then if you don't get the complaint resolved on your own, feel free to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and we act as a third party intermediary," said Schiller.

You can also check the to read reviews and to find a trustworthy place for your pet.

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